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Hair Necessities 230ml

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Consists of Gokujo Bahyu Scalp Treatment Conditioner & Gokujo Bahyu Hair Growth Lotion & Derma Roller

Gokujo Bahyu Scalp Treatment Conditioner is an advanced scalp concentrate that helps to keep your scalp clean and stable to tackle the hair loss issue.

Gokujo Bahyu Hair Growth Lotion contains MB-complex, our patented active ingredients, 100% natural plant extracts. It is gentle on the scalp and promote hair cell rebirth.

Derma Roller will be provided to aid hair growth. The micro needles on the Derma Roller can help to treat hair loss by triggering hair growth.

Postage: Packed at max. 2kg

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How to use:

Step 1: Gokujo Bahyu Scalp Treatment Conditioner: After using Gokujo Bahyu Scalp Treatment Shampoo/ your own shampoo, rinse off, and rub appropriate dose of Gokujo Bahyu Treatment Conditioner to the scalp. Do a light massage on scalp with Scalp treatment conditioner to cleanse the scalp. Do not apply on hair ends, use the normal moisturizing condition for hair ends. The normal moisturizing condition is not meant for scalp, thus do not apply any on the scalp. Leave the scalp condition on your scalp for a few mins before rinsing off.

Step 2: Use Gokujo Bahyu Hair Growth Lotion twice a day (every morning and night). Once after hair wash, cleanse and dry hair with towel. Apply Gokujo Bahyu Hair Lotion directly to affected area on the scalp. The hair growth lotion must be felt on the scalp. Massage Gokujo Bahyu Hair Growth Lotion gently on the scalp directly till it is completely absorbed into the scalp. Do not rinse off. You may apply it directly to certain area on scalp if it is itchy without washing your hair. Promote blood circulation on scalp helps to penetrate this product into your follicles to rekindle hair growth again. Thus, doing it frequently will lead to better results.

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