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Consists of Gokujo Bahyu Water Peel & Gokujo Bahyu Pure Collagen Ball with Tiny White Drop

Gokujo Bahyu Water Peel moisturizes the skin while exfoliation too. Made from natural ingredients, Gokujo Bahyu Water Peel is suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive, dry skin. An exfoliating gel never before! You can enjoy fresh, smooth skin after each application.

Collagen is known for firming, hydrating and brightening our complexion. 100% pure and concentrated collagen encapsulated to preserve its freshness and concentration till the moment you peel off the capsule to mix it with the Tiny White Drop. Collagen in its cotton form, together with the Tiny White drops which contains 7 essential nutrients, make it a perfect duo to give the best collagen needed for your face like never before.

Postage: Packed at max. 2kg

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How to use:

Step 1: Use Gokujo Bahyu Water Peel once or twice per week to cleanse face. Gently rub appropriate amount over dry face section by section. Rinse dead skin off with water.

Step 2: For Gokujo Bahyu Pure Collagen Ball with Tiny White Drop: With the raw collagen ball inside the capsule, add tiny white drop in just enough to cover the cotton form substance. Mix it with a finger in a circular motion till it becomes gel texture. Spread a good amount evenly over your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. You will get a luminous younger complexion by the next morning.

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