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[Promotion] Gokujo Bahyu Pure Collagen Ball With Tiny White DROP

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Three 100% pure and concentrated collagen balls in cotton form using our latest technology. 30ml Tiny White Drop included. Scroll down for more information.

A perfect gift for Christmas! Come and Get it now! While stocks last.

Postage: Packed at max. 2kg
                 Estimated Weight: 80g 

Box size: 12.2cm (Length) 9.2cm (Width) 3.9cm (Height)

Availability: In stock


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Collagen Ball

Collagen is known for firming, hydrating and brightening our complexion, a wish list for all types of skin for both man and woman. However its nature is very week against heat, Over 40 degree temperature, it turns into gelatin which is totally different from collagen. It had been said that it is almost impossible to extract and purify collagen without heat. After longstanding research, we have successfully produce 100% pure and concentrate collagen by making collagen into cotton form using our latest technology.

Traditional collagen has broken structure in pieces. Raw collagen is 100% pure and has a triple spiral structure, maintaining the triple spiral structure even as it penetrates the skin.



Traditional collagen        Raw collagen 

Broken triple spiral structure

Less water holding effects


Perfect triple spiral structure

High water holding effects



Amazing points of triple spiral:

  • Same structure as human collagen
  • Strong penetration into skin
  • Ability to hold a lot of moisture onto skin

The collagen ball is 100% pure collagen processed into cotton form so it does not contain any water or preservatives. One raw collagen contains 100 times more collagen than traditional collagen cosmetics as it is said that cosmetics contain only 1% collagen.


Tiny White DROP (10ml)

One drop of Tiny White contains 7 precious nutrients of Vitamin E & F complex, antioxidants and brightening agents, Phospholipids, GSP-T and Arbutin. Tiny White Drop inhibits enzymatic activity to prepare the skin to absorb the full goodness of each pure collagen ball. You may also use Tiny White Drop alone as a preparation base for your daily skincare application.



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