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Gokujo Bahyu Spot Remover 30ml

Quick Overview

10 years of dermatological research to visibly correct pigment spots is now available. Gokujo Bahyu Spot Remover, our exclusive GL-complex, 100% plant extracts, helps to lighten new and existing stubborn pigmented spots, making you look younger with even-toned skin in just 4 weeks.

A gentle and deep treatment serum infused with high-potency of "GL-complex" to fight against pigment spots. It adheres to the spot and penetrates deep into the dermis layer to remove the dark pigments while keeping the skin silky comfort all day long.

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Postage: Packed at max. 2kg
                 Weight: 40g 

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Gokujo Bahyu Spot Remover helps to address the followings:

  • Lighten Pigment spots 
  • Even Unbalance Skintone

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