"This is the first time I am applying a 100% Collagen product on my face and the effect is pretty amazing. My face is noticeably brighter and feels hydrated."


Ng Ju Ann - Beauty Blogger at

“I have a very dry and itchy skin and it often cracks and bleeds, this is because I’m allergic to washing powder, whenever I wash my clothes, my hand’s condition got worsen. After applying the Gokujo Bahyu Cream, it helps me by nourishing my skin, and now I’m not afraid of using any washing powder! I will definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives!”


Mr Phua Tang Kee (62 years old)

“After using Gokujo Bahyu Cream, the dark pigmentation on my face, arms and hands have disappeared! Making my skin smoother and more nourished.”


Ms Alice Tan (50 years old)

“I’m on a Vegetarian diet. Maybe due to my diet, I have very dry and itchy skin. After applying the Gokujo Bahyu, my itch went off!”


Mdm Tan G.A (72 Years old)

“I’ve tried many pigmentation cream. They appeared alright at first, but my skin worsen over time. Gokujo Bahyu lightens the pigmentation on my face and brown spot on my hand. I am happy because I look younger now!”


Housewife, Mrs Roseline Lim (Late 40s)

“I’m a diabetic patient. Due to the malfunction of my kidney, my skin is very dry and my son scolded me whenever I scratched it and it bled. After using Gokujo Bahyu, I don’t have to scratch my skin anymore!”


Diabetic Patient, Mdm Chong Y.T (87 years old)

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