The following is an extract from JuAnn, a blogger doing a product review of Gokujo Bahyu 100% Pure Collagen Ball.Gokujo Bahyu’s 100% fresh, concentrated collagen balls!

February 12, 2015 12:00 pm

Collagen is known for firming, hydrating and brightening our complexion, a wish list for all types of skin for both man and woman. In our never-ending pursuit for beauty, some of us consume collagen, some of us go for collagen facials and use products with high collagen contents.

I don’t know why I never thought of this but, this new brand into Singapore, Gokujo Bahyu, just introduced 100% fresh, concentrated collagen balls. I was like, what, why didn’t I think of that before?

It has been said that it is almost impossible to extract and purify collagen without heat. But well, after longstanding research, Gokujo Bahyu has successfully produced 100% pure and concentrate collagen by making collagen into cotton form using their latest technology.

Raw collagen contains 100 times more collagen than traditional collagen cosmetics as it is said that cosmetics contain only 1% collagen.

Traditional collagen has broken structure in pieces. Raw collagen is 100% pure and has a triple spiral structure, maintaining the triple spiral structure even as it penetrates the skin. Amazing benefits of triple spiral: – Same structure as human collagen – Strong penetration into skin – Ability to hold a lot of moisture onto skin

Paired with the 100% Collagen Balls is the Gokujo Bahyu Tiny White DROP. One drop of Tiny White contains 7 precious nutrients of Vitamin E & F complex, antioxidants and brightening agents, Phospholipids, GSP-T and Arbutin. Tiny White Drop inhibits enzymatic activity to prepare the skin to absorb the full goodness of each pure collagen ball. You may also use Tiny White Drop alone as a preparation base for your daily skincare application.

Every single collagen ball is sealed tight in a little airtight container as seen above. The raw collagen ball is 100% pure collagen processed into cotton form so it does not contain any water or preservatives. To use the raw collagen ball, drop 5 to 7 small Tiny White drops into the Collagen Ball, such that the ball is slightly covered with the liquid.

Mix it with a clean finger and the cotton-like raw collagen ball will melt and you won’t see it anymore. In its place is a very gel-like mixture of collagen and Tiny White Drop. Put this on your face before you sleep, once a week! I woke up with a visibly hydrated and brighter complexion the next day. Very awesome!