Gokujo Bahyu, a 4-generation business, is committed to bring the best skincare and haircare products that will result in tremendous improvement to your complexion and scalp. It has been in Singapore for more three years. Gokujo Bahyu products are recommended and distributed in some TCM clinics.


A week ago, I was passing by Toa Payoh when I chanced upon Dr Yap, a Chinese Physician. I managed to receive some advice from him and would like to share to you guys so that everyone knows how to care for our skin with the correct method.


Dr Yap: Do you know that eczema can affect everyone, including the children and elderly? Eczema is a general term for inflammation of the skin, which can result in symptoms such as redness, itching and scaling of skin.


J.Tee: It sounds pretty serious here. How do you cure these patients?


Dr Yap: It all depends on the severity of the situation. However, many patients have consumed steroids to minimize itchiness. Even though steroids can stop itchiness effectively, it will thin the skin barriers. Do you notice that steroids are often prescribed in small quantity? People are encouraged to discard the use of steroid cream after a week. This is because the use of steroids will increase the rise of weakening tissues in the treated area. This can cause the skin to affect its barrier function and allows Trans-epidermal water loss, which will worsen skin irritation in the long run. This is a very painful and challenging process for the patients.


J.Tee: Oh my, so how do you normally deal with it?


Dr Yap: Normally, I will provide oral medication and diet advice to the customers. Despite the fact that it does not stop the itch as fast as the steroids, it allows customers to recover from eczema in the long run. As this is a long and difficult process for the customers, it requires a lot of determination and cooperation from them to improve their situation effectively. However, customers shouldn’t just rely on our Chinese medicine. They should also watch closely on their diet and lifestyle. The TCM practitioners have also started introducing traditional skincare products to solve issues like this in recent years. This is why I collaborate with you to propose a complete recovery plan to help these customers.


J.Tee: When should they start using the Gokujo Bahyu Cream?


Dr Yap: To effectively protect and moisturize the skin, Gokujo Bahyu Cream with Salmon Cartilage should be applied after the skin stops itching. This is to moisturize the skin so that the skin will not lose its Trans-epidermal water easily and start to itch.


J.Tee: Oh I see. I am so glad that Gokujo Bahyu Cream can help to solve these customers’ issues.


Therefore, Gokujo Bahyu Cream with Salmon Cartilage is not an anti-itch cream. However, it has a strong moisturizing content that can keep skin deeply moisturized, even in extreme temperatures so that our moisturized skin can prevent dryness and itchiness in the long run. Not only that, it can reduce appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, spots and restore skin softness.


It is very important to protect our skin, especially when we are in a humid environment. Therefore, I hope that everyone is able to have a better understanding of skincare through the conversation with a TCM practitioner. If you are keen to know more skincare tips, do like us on Facebook page and look forward to the next entry.


Stay healthy and beautiful as always,






叶医师: 你知道吗?湿疹其实也可以影响所有年龄层,包括年老与幼小。湿疹是一种常见的过敏性皮肤病。湿疹是个持久与续发的皮疹,可导致症状如皮肤发红,瘙痒和脱屑炎症等等。


J.Tee: 这听起来很严重哦。能根治吗?


叶医师: 这一切都要看顾客的情况有多严重。更糟糕的是,大多数的人已经习惯使用类固醇。虽然类固醇可以有效的帮助止痒,但是他们不知道类固醇会把皮肤变薄。类固醇经常被规定于少量使用,让顾客在一周内丢弃类固醇药膏。这是因为使用类固醇会削弱我们的皮肤组织层。这会影响皮肤的屏障功能,并导致水分从皮肤流失,而使皮肤持续发痒。所以,湿疹复发的顾客会觉得更痒,因为很多的肌肤水分已经流失到空气中,肌肤就会比以前更加干燥。顾客的肌肤不停地发痒,是一种相当痛苦的过程。






J.Tee:那他们应该什么时侯使用極上馬油 滋润霜呢?


叶医师:当顾客的肌肤已不发痒时,我们会建议他们开始涂上極上馬油 滋润霜。这是因为極上馬油 滋润霜可以增厚我们皮肤的防腐层,让肌肤的水分不会那么容易的流失到空气中。


J.Tee:哦,原来如此。能知道得湿疹的顾客因为涂了極上馬油 滋润霜而恢复,我感到非常的开心。


所以, 極上馬油滋润霜并不是止痒膏,但它具有很强的保湿含量,甚至在极端温度下也可以使皮肤保持深层的水分。长期下来,它可以帮助舒缓我们皮肤紧绷,干燥与发痒的状态。不仅如此,它也可以减少细纹,调整色素,淡化色斑和恢复皮肤的柔软度。为了有效保护和滋润我们的皮肤,我建议在皮肤不发痒后,才涂上極上馬油滋润霜。其实我认为每个人都应该学习如何保养自己的皮肤。