Let me share with you a story. Ichiro Yamamoto is from northern Japan, Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a mountainous land, a place where it’s best suited to raise horses. It is the coldest and driest region of Japan. So here’s the question. How did he discover the source of horse oil and its benefits?


Yamamoto Ichiro was the oldest son who lived with his mother in her 70s. Both of them lived together and depend on each other for survival. Their horses in their horse farm were one of the best in Japan. Due to the cold and dry season, it is very common for Yamamoto Ichiro’s mother to face skin problems such as dry skin, darkened skin and pigmentation. In recent years, the Japanese started to enjoy consuming horse meat sashimi. Yamamoto Ichiro’s mother began to sell horse meats to the restaurant for additional income. She began to realize that her fingers, palm and back of the hand became softer and more hydrated ever since she started chopping horse meats. What is going on?? It was actually the oil derived from the horses that nourished her hands. With this bizarre discovery, she informed her son and Ichiro Yamamoto began to work with a dermatologist in Osaka to study deeper about horse oil.


Firstly, they invented a unique extraction method, where they drop the humidity level lower than the body temperature and extracted the oil carefully without affecting the fatty acid composition from the horses. Next, they purified and removed the odor from the horses repeatedly to ensure that the horse oil is free of odor and bacteria. Finally, they added natural ingredients to cater to customers with different skin problems. The products produced are 100% free of preservatives and chemicals.


Ichiro Yamamoto is the founder of Gokujo Bahyu. This is how the story of Gokujo Bahyu started. Isn’t it amazing? If you are keen to know more, do like us on Facebook page and look forward to the next entry.


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