Have you ever wondered why horse oil is so popular? Horse oil is obtained from horse fats, just like any other animal fats. It has the ability to penetrate the skin and keeps the cells moisturized. It can also keep warmth inside the skin and provide a massaging effect to improve the blood circulation. Therefore, horse oil can help to enhance your complexion by improving the overall texture, softness, and hydration of your skin, which can help you to achieve soft, smooth and radiant skin! This is why horse oil is so popular, especially in cold countries like Japan.


Do you notice that horsehair is always so smooth, clear and shiny? I love black horses, as I enjoy admiring their glowing, shining black skin. How I wish I can achieve similar result like them! Even during cold season, especially in Hokkaido where it can hit as low as negative Degree Celsius, the horsehair from the horses in Hokkaido remains the same – smooth, silky and soft. 


Are you interested to find out more about the benefits of applying Horse Oil in the long run? Stay tune for the next entry.


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您是否注意到马的毛发总是那么的顺畅,服帖及清晰亮泽呢?尤其是我最喜欢的黑马,因为能够看到他们光辉闪亮的黑毛发呀!即使天气变得非常寒冷,尤其是在北海道,甚至可以低至负摄氏度,但马儿的毛发永远都是保持不变 - 平滑,如丝般柔软。