How do we know the horse oil we bought is of the best quality which can provide the outcome we desire? In Singapore market, we can find many different brands of horse oil products from various countries like Japan, Korea and China. The prices can reach as low as $2, up to $70. So here’s the question, how do we know which one is the best to achieve beautiful skin?


As you all know, quality is a very important factor in Japan. The Japanese consumers value quality above all else. Even for the Kobe beef in Japan, the Japanese takes proper care of their cattle. They feed beer to their cattle and provide regular massage with oil on those cattle to improve the distribution and tenderness of the sub-cutaneous fat in order to produce the top grade beef. The Japanese also monitors the killing process of the cattle. They ensure that the animals do not get stressed when they are slaughtered so that the animals will not get an adrenaline rush which could result in toxin produced from the animals. This is why there is a distinct difference between tasting a low grade and a premium Kobe beef. This is similar to the horse oil extracted for our products in Japan. We use a unique horse oil extraction method that has been commercialized with a temperature lower than that of the skin so that it will not damage the indispensable fatty acid. Then, the refined high quality koune oil undergoes a process of purification and deodorization repeatedly to ensure that it is free of odor and bacteria. Finally, the active ingredients are added to address various skin problems. A patented process that is completely free from additives such as preservatives and chemicals.


If you have visited Japan, you will know that prices of the horse oil products range around $40 to $150. This is because their horse oil products are of premium quality which are able to penetrate through the skin barriers effectively to prevent the loss of moisture, improving the overall skin texture, leaving skin hydrated and soft.

Usually, the quality of the horse oil products produced outside of Japan would not be as good as the ones produced in Japan due to the difference in raising and extracting of oil from the horses. The Japanese pride themselves as one of the world best producers for the production of the finest horse oil, that has the potential to reach the world standard of cosmetic. Hence, non-Japanese products often emphasize on the “horse oil“ wording, rather than the company name to entice customers to their products.


One of the ways to point out a poor quality horse oil is its instructions listed on the product. Normally, low quality horse oil products will encourage customers to put their products in the fridge, as the cream may turn into liquid form if it is out of the fridge for a period of time. By putting it back into the fridge, it can solidify the product to revert back to its creamy form. Based on scientific knowledge, a product that changes its state quickly would result in the loss of active ingredients. Hence, its result will not be as effective as promised.


Secondly, it does not mean that the greasier the product is, the more effective it gets. This is because the oil provided might not be 100% horse oil, it could be the combination of other oils, which disallows the full penetration of horse oil through the skin barriers. However, horse oil creams that have smooth texture may not represent its ability to penetrate well either. Customers are able to notice that there is no difference from applying it after washing it off.


Thirdly, the words appeared on the packaging does not prove the authenticity of the country of origin. It is possible that some manufacturers print other languages on the product to mislead customers that the product is produced from there. Hence, it is important for customers to check the country of origin as this information is required for the authority to check before they import their products in Singapore.


Therefore, customers have to be careful to prevent deception by certain products that are sold in the market. The products from Gokujo Bahyu are 100% made in Japan and do not change its state. You can store our products under room temperature, without exposing to the sunlight. Our products can easily penetrate into our skin, thereby moisturizing, nourishing, awakening the skin, making it silky all day long. At the same time, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and spots, while restoring skin softness.


Through this post, I hope customers are able to distinguish the premium horse oil products among the others in the market, in order to achieve the maximum result of beauty skin. If you are keen to know skin care tips from a TCM practitioner, do like us on Facebook page and look forward to the next entry.


Stay healthy and beautiful as always,




大家都知道,品质一直以来都是日本最重要的衡量标准。普遍上,日本的消费者都非常注重质量。打个比方,为了生产高品质的神户牛肉,日本人也会采取适当的步骤来细心照料他们的牛。他们会给牛只们喂食啤酒,并经常用油来帮牛只们按摩,以生产皮下脂肪都分布均匀的高档牛肉。日本人还会严格监视牛的屠宰过程,以确保动物在毫无惊吓的过程中被宰杀,因为这可以确保动物不会分泌肾上腺素,从而产生毒素。这就是为什么我们可以品尝出普通牛肉和优质神户牛肉之间的差异。这类似于我们極上马油的提炼过程。此方法已被商业化,采用比皮肤低的温度让萃取过程中不会损失必要的的脂肪酸。然后,将高品质的 koune 油经过反复的净化和除臭处理。除了去除难闻的马油气味, 还能确保它是无细菌的。最后,加入解决各种皮肤问题的活性成分。这种提取马油的方法完全不添加任何防腐剂和化学物。


如果你曾经去过日本,你就会知道,马油产品的价格范围于$ 40至$ 150之间。这是因为他们的马油产品是优质的。它们能渗透皮肤的屏障,有效地防止水分流失,改善整个皮肤的纹理,而使得皮肤充满水分与柔滑。

通常,在日本以外所生产的马油产品的质量并不会比在日本生产的好。那是因为饲养马儿和提取马油的方式完全不同。日本人为自己生产的马油而感到骄傲,认为自己的马油是世上其中最好的,并拥有可以达到世界美容标准的潜力。因此,您会发现日本制的马油产品通常都会强调马油”公司”的名称, 比如 極上马油,因为他们对自己的产品很有信心也以它应以为荣。所以,日本人不喜欢买没公司品牌的产品。




第二,不代表马油越油腻,就越有效。这是因为产品所提供的油可能不是100%马油,而是和其它油的组合,所以不会充分的渗透皮肤屏障。然而,有一些拥有柔滑质感的马油也不一定会穿透肌肤。使用后,皮肤会因为洗手后而感觉到没有效果。所以, 好的马油会让你感觉稍微有点油,但用过后可以感觉油进入了真皮,从而增厚了防肤墙。一到两个星期内,皮肤就不会紧绷绷的,细纹也淡了。




所以,大家记得要小心,以避免被在市场上销售的某些产品欺骗。極上马油的产品100% 安心.安全.日本制。只要存放在阴凉,不潮湿的地方就可以了。極上马油的产品可以很容易地渗透到我们的皮肤,从而保湿,滋润和唤醒肌肤,使肌肤柔滑一整天。它也能减少细纹,调整色素和雀斑的现象,同时恢复皮肤的柔软性。