Hello everybody! I am finally back in Singapore! After this long period of haze, I finally get to enjoy fresh air from Japan. I felt so healthy. Haha. I told myself that I should not take fresh for granted when we get to enjoy it. This is a fruitful trip for me, besides visiting the HQ laboratory , I also have a lot of new discoveries and a lot of good food of course. One of the findings through the conversation with the laboratory consultant is that recently there are a lot of horse oil products made by different types of horses, even in Japan. There are pure bred Japanese horses and imported horses that are mainly used to work or race. This results the oil produced in these horses are not as healthy as they have exerted a high amount of energy, which caused these horses to suffer an adrenaline rush that results in toxin produced from the animals. Hence, it is very crucial to check where the horses come from as horses found in Japan could be imported from other countries. This could decrease the quality and standard of horse oil products, leading to a cheaper price offered in Japan.


However, the horses that produced Gokoju Lab’s horse oil are bred with care, raised with love, shown with pride. They are pure bred royal horses that roam around the horse farm in Hokkaido beautifully and gracefully. The cold weather in Hokkaido results in these horses producing rich horse oil to grow thick and silky hair so as to protect them from the cold. These high end horses are brought up by the Japanese to ensure that they are happy, healthy and well lived. The Japanese also ensures that they are not mixed together with the labored horses. The reason why the Japanese care so much about these pure bred horses is because they need to ensure that their horses are well taken care of to produce thick, silky hair for production as such calligraphy brushes, makeup brushes, etc. Furthermore, the Japanese takes care of their horses well so that they can produce good quality bashimi (horse meat) to meet the rising demand of bashimi in various countries. This is why there is a distinct difference in the quality of horse oil products produced, due to the different standards of horses, and the way they are raised.


Because of the current confusion, when the local Japanese purchase horse oil products, they only look for the traditional brands and will typically avoid the cheap or the upcoming brands.
Good quality horse oil products will lead to faster, better and more effective results the consumers desire when they apply it. Hence, I hope this post can allow consumers to have a better understanding of the quality of various horse oil products. Next week I will share with you about the new product and its usage, as well as the trip, stay tune!


Stay healthy and beautiful as always,


大家好!我回来了!体验了这么久的烟雾,我很庆幸能吸到日本的新鲜空气。感觉健康多了!去了日本后,我告诉自己一定要珍惜新鲜的空气,不应该辜负并认为一切都是那么的理所当然。这是一个有意义的旅程。除了去了極上马油总公司的实验室,我不但吸取了很多新知识,也吃了很多好料。:) 在和实验室工作人员的谈话中,我发现在在日本不但有纯种马儿,也有从别的国家进口的马儿。这些进口的马儿有些是用来干活的,有些则用来赛跑的。这导致这些马儿所产生的油是不健康的。因为它们都动用了高能量,并造成肾上腺素的分泌,从而产生毒素。因此,检查马儿的来源地是个很重要的元素,因为来自别的国家的马儿大多数都没有比日本照顾的好,所以马油产品的质量和标准会降低,价格也会比较便宜。