The photo shown below is an example of a client who has eczema and has shown significant improvement after heeding the TCM practitioner’s advice and applying the Gokujo Bahyu Cream. 
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As promised in the previous post, I am going to share some skincare tips that I have received from a TCM practitioner. Some customers have called and told me about their common skincare problems as well. Hence, I am also going to share with you how to avoid certain skincare problems that people often neglect.


Do you drink 8 glasses of water on a daily basis? Water is actually a natural healer. A good friend of mine is a pharmacist. She often advises me to drink lots of water as it can help to prevent illnesses such as fever or flu. If you have insufficient water content in your body, you will get dry skin, cracked lips, lethargy, body ache, etc. Even though I dislike drinking plain water, I will put in the effort to hydrate myself so as to stay healthy. Also, exercise regularly to keep your body fit. Personally, I enjoy jogging a lot. I always participate Singapore Cancer Run every year.


Have you ever noticed that men’s faces are often drier, while women’s faces are oiler in general? This is because most men like to wash their face with water after they exercise or perspire. This is actually not good for the skin as water can thin the epidermis layers, which cause your skin to lose moisture even faster.


On the other hand, women often think that their face will be moisturized after they apply the toner. As most toners come in liquid form, you have to pat your face gently to allow the skin to absorb the content and stay moisturized. This is why the Japanese skincare companies are producing more cream based skincare products as cream based products do not lose their moisture to the air easily and they leave a smooth, hydrated and dewy finish on the skin. Gokujo Bahyu Cream with Salmon Cartilage, 100% made in Japan, is a cream based skincare products that can easily penetrate into our skin, thereby moisturizing, nourishing, awakening the skin, making it silky all day long. At the same time, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and spots, while restoring skin softness. Gokujo Bahyu Cream with Salmon Cartilage does not require additional application of toner as it has sufficient moisturizing content.


It is also very convenient for you to bring Gokujo Bahyu Cream with Salmon Cartilage around. It is a travel essential, especially when you travel to cold countries since it can help to prevent skin dryness. I have heard from many customers who have suffered from Cold Urticaria, as known as cold allergy, when they travel to cold countries. Due to the cold temperature, it causes the skin to become itchy and swollen. In order to avoid that, I would recommend you to bring Gokujo Bahyu Cream with Salmon Cartilage along. It has strong moisturizing content, which can prevent cold allergy. You can apply it in the washroom after you have done showering and drying yourself to open up your pores and prevent the loss of water content. You can also bring it around and apply it after you wash your hands in the public washroom.


I will bring it with me too since I am going for a business trip in Japan. I will be paying a visit to the Headquarters Laboratory in Japan. I shall share with you guys more about the new products and its usage, as well as the trip in the next entry.


Stay healthy and beautiful as always,


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